Saturday, February 26, 2011

Glimpse of the Good Days

Today wasn't a perfect day - but it was a good day -- the kind that makes me hope for many, many more days like this in our future.

Jason and I spent the day knocking things off the neverending to-do list of new homeowners/engaged people/everyone. We moved furniture, I went to the grocery store and the post office while Jason studied, we ran errands and cooked some dinner. We did not agree every moment but we were agreeable for most.

During my errands I made a productive stop at Trader Joes, picking up lots of favorites: mediterranean hummus, pretzel slims and especially a fun surprise for Jason. When I arrived home, I quickly put the groceries away and popped Jason's falafel in the microwave. Having heard my arrival (or perhaps from sniffing out the snack), Jason made his way downstairs. Upon tasting this mediterranean treat--which I was so proud of providing--Jason's response? "It's not the best I've ever had." And with that, my delight in the surprise was 100% deflated. And I lovingly shared with him that I would like for him to lie in future instances.

Of course this story does not end here. Later in our good-not-perfect day, I attempted a new recipe: Asiago Cheese Dip. I failed. (Let me know if you try it and have better luck.) After the requisite hour and a half in the slow cooker, the dish was more liquid than dip. I removed the dish from heat, hoping it would at least solidify some. Jason, like a trooper, tried the dip. Then he got a bowl full and ate it with great enthusiasm. Does he actually like this Asiago Cheese Dip? Now I'll never know...thanks to the way I lovingly asked him to not be SO brutally honest.

Honesty is, I suppose, preferable after all.

Good...not perfect. I'll take it.

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