Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cuatro de Mayo

5 Years. That's 1825 days. So about 1825 phone calls. Countless obscure Scrubs quotes. Dozens of papers exchanged for edits and remarks. Three graduations (2 for me, 1 for far), lots of family celebrations, debates of space theology and other dynamics of religion and politics, thousands of miles driven, 1 puppy dog loved exponentially and of course the two break ups that bring us to where we now are.

When Jason and I first started dating, May 4, 2006, there were doubts. Our friends had doubts, we had doubts, I'm sure that our family had doubts. It was, afterall, 10 days before my graduation and 10 days before the end of Jason's freshman year. And in those moments of doubt, one stands out: the moment I sat with one of my dear friends, Bess and told her that in spite of those doubts, I felt a complete assurance about the man Jason would become and that I wanted to be alongside him for that journey. Sure, I acknowledged that he was not that guy yet, but I wasn't the woman I wanted to be as an adult yet either. About a year ago, I sat with Bess again - and I told her with great joy - that Jason had in fact become that man, the one I had known in 2006 he could be.

Waiting for that meant some of those 1825 days were very dark - growing pains, tears shed, harsh words spoken. But in that growing up, we have had the chance to share with one another the most vulnerable, tender and faithful interchange: forgiveness. And it seems that forgiveness is a cyclical thing -- we are each daily forgiving one another for past transgressions and for the current mess ups. It seems that the future debts/trespasses are less daunting with that as our reality.

As a person of faith, I can't help but make the jump to the daily forgiveness from God for our past transgressions, for our current mess ups and even for our future sins. And I know that God looks at us, His children, with the same assurance I had about Jason circa 2006. God knew then that he would someday be Jason circa 2011...and that I would someday be Elizabeth circa 2011. And God knows now the people we can and will become. What a fulfilling love it is to know you love a constantly growing and transforming person.

With all of that in our past 1825 days - I can't help but think of what will come in the next 1825. And even the next 20,075. I would say that there's a good chance there will be a few more obscure Scrubs quotes...and our fair share of forgiveness.

Happy Cuatro de Mayo!

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  1. just found your blog and am excited to keep up with you. you have your father's gift for words but definitely your own voice. so excited for you and jason and wish you all the best. marriage is not easy, and it definitely doesn't come with an instruction manual. but if you trust your instincts and one another, it will be wonderful!