Monday, March 14, 2011


Flexibility has never ever come easy to me. I was the kind of child who would cry when the dinner plan changed. In college, when most folks were fine to just end up wherever...I craved a plan of action. As a person of faith, that lack of flexibility is sometimes a challenge to my faithfulness. I want to follow God's call but (and there never gets to be a "but" with God) I want God to lay out the plan from a to z for me.

So what does that have to do with being engaged? oh just everything. All of the wedding websites, books, planners, etc. have some section where the authors and writers highlight the need for brides to be flexible - especially as you near the "big day."

-- As an aside, and with full disclosure that I have at some level participated in this problem: I think using the phrase "big day" for a wedding is 100% THE problem with the wedding industry in the United States. We convince couples, and especially women, that one day is supreme and that their small fortune should be shelled out for that big day and that all of their hopes and dreams will be captured on that big day...and then what? What happens on the day after the big day? Well, the wedding industry doesn't care about that big day. --

Anyway - I have searched high and low for a wedding guide that tells me I can, in fact, control every detail and that the wedding will, without a doubt, go off without a hitch and I have not found one. The reality I am facing is that not everything will be perfect. There will be an awkward moment or two (or twenty). The wind will probably blow and my hair will come loose. Someone will inevitably make a remark that will make someone else uncomfortable. And Jason and I will still get married. And we will make it to the day after the big day, just fine.

We got a little glimpse of the flexibility necessary for a wedding this past weekend. Jason and I had made plans to meet up with photographer Meredith Daniels for an engagement photo shoot. I had carefully picked out spring clothes for the lovely 60s and 70s we have been having in Raleigh. We made our way up to Asheville on Thursday looking forward to a weekend in the mountains celebrating birthdays with Jason's mom and brother. Friday morning, I woke up early to make sure all of our clothers were ready for our photo shoot when I received a call from Meredith. "Have you looked outside?" she said. And I knew - without looking outside - that it had definitely snowed. We made plans to meet later in the day, which later became even later in the day. Our photo session was inexplicably cold. But we made it through the day - and I can't wait to see some of the shots Meredith got. We also had Jasons' mom take a few more the next day (when it was 65) are some of those for your viewing pleasure:

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